The school is based in beautiful, newly-built premises (Phase 1) just off Ringwood Drive in Pinelands.  The property has a small area for play (currently being landscaped), but the children use the park adjacent to the school for break-time play and informal physical education.  Formal sports coaching takes place at various venues around Pinelands during and after school hours.



Grades and Times

The school currently has a joint 4 classes up to Grade 5 (Grades 4 and 5 are in a combined class).  We will grow by a new Grade 1 intake each year until Grade 7 is established in 2019 and the school will then have the full complement of classes.

School hours are:

  • Grade 1: 7.50am to 1pm
  • Grade 2: 7.50am to 1pm (and 2.20pm on Wednesdays)
  • Grade 3: 7.50am to 2.20pm (except 1pm on Fridays)
  • Grade 4: 7.50am to 2.20pm (except 1pm on Fridays)
  • Grade 5: 7.50am to 2.20pm (except 1pm on Fridays)


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer after-care facilities at this point, but hope to in the future.  We we do have a list of local options for those interested.

Class Sizes

There will be a maximum of 18 children in each class. Small classes lend themselves to a better quality learning environment, to stronger relationships between peers and teachers and also provide a better platform for instilling confidence and support within, and for, each and every child.


Children must wear compulsory uniform items. A uniform list may be obtained from the school.

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