Term Dates for 2018

Term 1
 17 January 28 March
Term 2
 16 April 22 June
Term 3
 17 July  21 September
Term 4
 9 October 12 December


Extra holiday dates (on and around public holidays)

21 March- Human Rights Day

27 April - Freedom Day

30 April - School Holiday & 1 May - Workers' Day

9 August - National Women's Day & 10 August - School Holiday


Other Important Dates

Many people have questions they want to ask at school open days, but how many people ask about the actual content of the curriculum? "What is my child going to be taught for 7+ years at your school, and how?" Grace Primary School offers a much richer, broader, more stimulating curriculum than that of the government's CAPS curriculum, as well as small classes, a family atmosphere and plenty of extras. 

We look forward to welcoming you on on the morning of 23rd February (see advert below).
Please park considerately to our neighbours.


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