Fees and Deposit for 2017

 R 3 210 p.m.

 Base fee monthly over 10 months

  • 6% discount available if paid in full by 31 January
  • 2% discount available if paid termly in advance from 31 January
R 120 p.m.

Art fees of R120 per month over 10 months

R 350 p.m.

Development levy of R 250 per month over 10 months

R 34 910 p.m.

Total per month over 10 months
(equivalent to R 2 909 p.m. over 12 months)

R1000 p.a.

Stationery fee of R 1 000 per annum, payable by 31 January

R 35 910 p.a.

Total per annum


A non-refundable deposit of R2,500 will be required by 31 August.

There is a 10% sibling discount available, applicable to the base fee.


We hold open mornings annually.  You are also warmly invited to call us at any time to arrange a tour and a meeting with the Principal.

Applications for the Grade 1 class of 2018 must be made by the end of March 2017; acceptance to be confirmed by the end of May.  There is an application fee of R300.

Where a particular Grade class is not full, we will consider applications at any point during the year.

Please download the Application Form

Prospective learners will be booked in for a 'taster day' and a short assessment. The purpose of these visits is for the prospective student to get a feel for what it is like being here and for us to assess the child's core skills, particularly reading, spelling, writing and maths.

Children who are offered a place at Grace Primary must be able to access mainstream classroom teaching effectively. Where this is possible, we can offer a very rich learning experience. We do not have the resources to deliver a highly differentiated or individually tailored curriculum.

Following the 'taster day', the Principal or School Director will speak with parents about whether a place can be offered. In order to secure a place parents will need to return a signed Parent Contract and pay the non-refundable deposit of R2,500.