Grace Primary School was established in January 2014 to provide high quality, affordable private schooling, based on Christian foundations, to Pinelands and the surrounding community. It was founded by three Pinelands couples whose eldest children all joined the first class at the school. They were motivated by a desire for a richer, more stimulating and less assessment-driven education than the CAPS curriculum currently offers, and one where biblical truth and values are upheld.

The school currently has 6 classes (Grades 1-7 with Grades 6&7 in a joint class) with a maximum of 18 children per class. We hope to add a Grade R class once space allows. In 2017 we moved into Phase 1 of our beautiful new building in Protea Close, Pinelands, and aim to complete Phase 2 by early 2020.

School places are filling up faster with each year, but do contact the office at any point during the year to enquire about available places in existing classes.

From January 2016, Grace Primary has had the privilege of being led by Miss Mabel Laubscher, who came to us with 34 years of diverse teaching, pioneering and managerial experience in 3 different continents. She was integrally involved in the founding of the International School of Cape Town from 1998-2003, heading up the Primary School and developing the curriculum. She was later involved in the leadership of International Schools in Qatar, Turkey and China and gained further experience in the development of primary school curricula in each of these settings. She returned to South Africa six years ago to give back to education in South Africa and is giving her final teaching years to Grace Primary!


Welcome from the Principal

"At Grace Primary we recognise each child as an individual, with unique abilities, interests and aspirations. We offer a small and caring environment where children are encouraged to grow in an exciting and engaging way, through exposure to a broad and rich curriculum and a variety of experiences that will enable them to reach their full potential.
It is our view that the atmosphere in a school is a key ingredient to success. A child learns best and develops a love of learning when he or she is happy, stimulated, and supported. We provide a safe environment where mutual respect, consideration and cooperation prevail.
We consider the relationship between the child, the parent and the school to be vitally important and that all must be fully motivated and committed to work in a partnership for the education of the whole child.
Exposure to our value system leads to the healthy personal development of a child, providing moral direction and inspiration for life.
I warmly invite you to come and to see our school in action so you can get a feel for the learning atmosphere at Grace Primary."

Ms Mabel Laubscher, Grace Primary School Principal



Our school is committed to serving the whole child, inspiring and guiding him or her to become a mature, responsible, engaging adult. We want to see young people prepared for life; able to relate rightly to God, themselves, other people and the world around them, for a lifetime of fruitfulness.

To this end Grace Primary implements the philosophy of visionary British educationalist Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) whose comprehensive pedagogy has been employed successfully in a variety of contexts throughout the world for over a century (see She emphasised that the understanding that children are persons is the foundation stone of life-giving education.


Our educational philosophy has four main values:

  1. Understanding that a child is a person
  2. Embracing a Christian ethos
  3. Fostering habits and attitudes
  4. Enabling self-education

These are discussed in more depth in the Our Values section.


Visit Us

Please come and visit us for a private tour. To make an appointment, please contact Abigail de Wet at the school office: Tel: 021 532 1816 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.